We’re NOT just another job making corporate. We’re here to connect for you to go places.

Did you know that in your lifetime you will spend close to 90,000 hours at work? It’s a common fact that the most time you will spend during your peak adult time is with your coworkers, at the office. According to Conference Board, 49% of employed people are satisfied with their jobs globally. Hence, the importance of enjoying where you work and what you do is extremely important.

Karibu (Swahili for Welcome) Axia HR. Our top priority is job satisfaction paired with talent. When you submit your CV to our platform (see application tips here), our employment consultants create a persona of your characteristics that comprise your skills, strengths, experience, and the career path you’re treading on. We will also provide you with a CV review service to optimize your CV best for the roles you’d like to apply to. 

Our consultants’ relationship with you is fundamental in sourcing the perfect role for you. You will receive help with interview skills and CV skills while Axia ensures that they are focusing on your career goals as a priority. Apart from that, we will always have someone on our team who specializes in your field, who will be your designated point of assistance. 

Need be, we reach out to you via phone to get to know you better. At Axia, this is fundamental. Apart from connecting you to employers, part of our service commitment is providing basic training to you before their interviews.

With us, you can trust that we will never connect you to an employer because they’re looking to hire quickly/start now. We are committing to taking Tanzania’s workforce forward with integrity and for the better, which means quality hiring only.

Say goodbye to endless skimming through applications or job sites to find the perfect match. Axians to the rescue!